Diana’s ability to build structure and simplify decision-making is key to successfully integrating and growing ASAP’s operational units. Her goal is continuing ASAP’s historical track record of delivering the best solutions and services to clients, helping them achieve their desired outcomes.

After leading ASAP’s sales and marketing efforts for ten years and serving as Vice President of Operations for another four, Diana knows the limits of operational data. She recognizes that ASAP’ success is rooted in its people, which is why she actively guides ASAP’s next generation of leaders and fosters a collaborative environment.

“It’s the people who make ASAP and deliver value to our clients. We’re a trusted partner because of our employees – they determine our success.”

Diana graduated from California State University, Chico and headed to the San Juan Mountains, starting her career in marketing with the bottled water startup, BIOTA, whose innovative corn-based plastic bottles were market leaders. Afterwards, her operational skills were put to the test lending structure to the visionary founder of the regions green building company Steeprock Builders.

You can find Diana chasing her sons Noah and Leo or drafting behind her husband Daniel who races bicycles in the San Juan Mountains. When not in Durango, Diana and her family can be found traveling from coast to coast in their sprinter van.

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