Sr. Account Manager

Marybeth supports most of our clients in one way or another. She handles bank reconciliations, credit card reconciliations and processes payables for HOAs and other accounting clients. She is a ‘nerd’ for organization and loves scheduling and working with highly detailed projects.

Prior to joining ASAP, MaryBeth was an Assistant Manager for West Star Bank. When she was five months pregnant with her first son, we saw her potential and approached her about a job. The timing might not have been right, but MaryBeth says coming to work for ASAP was one of the best decisions she ever made (which is great, because we love her too).

Born in Moab, Utah, MaryBeth graduated from Southern University of Utah. She’s a ‘boy mom’ with two sons and somehow finds time to serve as a board member for the Lonecone Library District and volunteer for the Wright Stuff Foundation.

To relax, she loves camping and spending time outside in her garden, whether it is mowing the lawn or just sitting and enjoying the fruits of her labor.

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