Peace of Mind for VR Accounting: How Outsourcing Supports Growth

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Taking Flight

Out of the turmoil of the pandemic, Palm Springs area vacation rental experts, Justin Vasquez and Nate Jordan found the perfect opportunity to branch out as experienced vacation home managers to start a vacation rental management company like no other. When these two started Poolside Vacation Rentals, they knew that they wanted to provide model care for property owners seeking a vacation rental management service that provided first class hospitality and personal client care.

With a passion for service, expertise in vacation home management and a focus on relationships, Poolside took flight. As the company grew, Justin and Nate quickly learned that having to wear the many hats of a business owner in a demanding climate and pandemic made balance an increasingly difficult thing to maintain with such a high demand for their service.

Outsourcing with ASAP

Having worked with LiveRez for several years prior to working with ASAP, the growing Poolside Vacation Rentals team understood the power that software had in helping them build a thriving vacation rental agency in the 21st century. “I’ve learned a lot about the extensive rules and regulations of vacation rental accounting over the years and through using the LiveRez accounting software,” explained Justin Vasquez, CEO of Poolside Vacation Rentals. But, with more knowledge and growth comes more stress. “I had done it for so long myself and it was time to let go.” 

It was through growth and education that Justin decided he wanted to learn more about outsourcing and ASAP’s experience with LiveRez. It didn’t take long for Justin and his team to decide to make the leap and outsource to ASAP.

I was immediately impressed and engaged with ASAP. Their knowledge of the vacation rental industry and experience with our accounting practices was obvious. ASAP was so familiar with the software we were currently using; I could tell right away it was a good fit.

Justin Vasquez
Owner  |  Poolside Rentals

A sharp sense for the vacation rental business drew Justin to work with ASAP. With knowledge in the industry and the software, it was an easy decision to make, and one that helped Poolside Vacation Rentals focus on their customers and continue building on their vision for the business.

Turning Outsourcing into Growth

With ASAP focusing on accounting through LiveRez, Poolside Vacation Rentals could focus their energy on the passion of providing great service and quality property care. “It gave us the opportunity to focus on the business. Focus on what we do best,” said Justin.

Having more time and energy going into the daily operations and building relationships, Justin and the Poolside Team saw the impact it had on the business. “The business has seen great success and growth in last 16 months with the added time, energy and effort.” More focus on the physical work and logistics behind vacation rental management allowed Poolside ample space to work within their zone of genius. Now, with over fifty clients in nine different cities, Justin, Nate and the entire staff at Poolside Vacation Rentals are grateful for the support and relationship they have built with their extended team at ASAP.

ASAP Vacation Rental Accounting
Poolside Vacation Rentals Property

ASAP Customized Service

In further conversation with Justin, he explained; “working with a dedicated account representative has provided an extra level of support and ease in knowing there is always someone to direct questions to. It all goes back to them being experts in the industry and that passion carries over to accounting.” This made the transition seamless and pain free. “They have a variety of service options and were able to listen to me and help determine what services fit my needs.”

With a plan specifically tailored to the individual needs of Poolside Vacation Rentals and a consistent representative as a liaison, Justin was able to focus his energy into the areas that mean the most to him. Proving world-class hospitality and quality vacation home care.

If Justin could say one thing to a vacation rental company considering outsourcing their accounting needs, it would be the “value of the experience and knowledge” the team at ASAP brings to the table is priceless.

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