Finding Symbiosis in the Business of Vacation Rentals

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Finding balance


How Bluewater Leveraged ASAP’s Expertise to Enhance Their Processes

When Leah Freeland, Bluewater Vacation Home’s CEO, was introduced to ASAP through their PMS software provider, TRACK, she knew teaming up with them could be mutually beneficial. Outsourcing the accounting needs of Bluewater to ASAP would satisfy the need for more accurate and timely financial information while providing more time to focus on Bluewater’s cornerstone, exceptional customer experience.

As a leader, Leah greatly emphasizes fostering a shared vision within the team. “We are best in class, not only in service but our properties and people.” Providing exceptional service as a dynamic team is no small feat, and while accounting is an essential part of the business, it isn’t the part that inspires the team to get up in the morning.

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Focused on customer experience and satisfaction, the Bluewater team felt it was only natural to team up with a partner that could help them address their accounting and compliance needs. Doing so would allow them to focus on their larger goals with efficiency and peace of mind. 

The Start of a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

In nature, mutualistic relationships form when two species, such as clownfish and sea anemones, work in each other’s favor while benefiting themselves. The same can be said for the relationship between ASAP and Blue Water Vacation Homes.

Keeping accounting within the team or exploring outsourcing should not be taken lightly. For Bluewater, it only made sense to transition, as our current accounting team was not strong enough to support us into the future. We had recently transitioned to TRACK, and it only made sense to work with a TRACK expert.

Leah Freeland
CEO  |  Blue Water Vacation Homes

Leah was ready to transition Bluewater’s accounting needs into ASAP’s capable hands, knowing they could jump in and go. “Onboarding was straightforward. ASAP applied the resources, and we trained them to the specifications of what we were looking for.” A solid line of communication and mutual understanding made outsourcing their accounting a breeze.

Like the sea anemone protects the clownfish from predators, ASAP created the perfect safety net for Bluewater, ensuring their compliance and balanced books. In return, Bluewater added to ASAP’s growing portfolio of vacation rental clients.

Making Sound Decisions with Timely Information

Making big business decisions feels much better when coming from an informed place. Knowing this, Leah sees forward paths more clearly than before. “Working with ASAP, we now review financial statements promptly and base decisions on key performance metrics instead of our gut feeling.” 

With the ASAP team monitoring compliance closely, Bluewater can utilize the information in their financial statements to make sound decisions backed by evidence. With ASAP’s help in establishing accurate data, the team at Bluewater can focus more of their energy on providing their guests the experience they promise.

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B5320 Sea Glass La Jolla

In the Zone for Success

As Bluewater continues to grow, Leah acknowledges how ASAP has helped her hone in on her favorite aspects of the business. “My favorite part is knowing that all this hard work makes a difference. We provide homes where guests can relax, reconnect, and create lifelong memories.” The Bluewater team can stay in their zone, knowing their accounting is in top shape.  

According to Leah, “My zone of genius is building relationships. Whether with employees, homeowners, industry professionals, or community members, I love connecting with and learning from others.” Her relationship with ASAP allows Leah to function within her zone of genius while maintaining a solid grasp on Bluewater’s financials and compliance. 

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