Teaming Up With ASAP to Slay the Monster That Is Trust Accounting

ASAP Vacation Rental Accounting
82nd Place, VacayAZ

Key outsourcing benefit

Expense errors eliminated

Finding balance

Peace of mind

Running on 2 Cylinders

Zach Zinn of VacayAZ first heard of ASAP as a recommendation from others on his advisory boards. Having used LiveRez and LiveTrust for a few years, Zach knew the value the software brought to his business. He also knew that he wasn’t tapping into a large portion of its game changing potential. “LiveTrust is a great tool! But I knew I wasn’t using it to its fullest potential. It was like having a 10 cylinder machine and only using 2 cylinders.” Zach got by with using the software himself, but he needed more guidance learning the ins and outs.

The financial side of vacation rental management is comparable to battling a two headed monster. Having a sidekick makes the task of ‘killing it’ much more tolerable. “They are able to tackle one head of the monster (trust accounts), and I am able to tackle the other (operational expenses, etc).” With a trusted team of experts helping to keep an eye on the trust accounts, Zach could focus on the areas he felt the most confident in.

ASAP Vacation Rental Accounting
Zach Zinn of VacayAZ

Getting More Out of LiveTrust With An Expert Team

The process of onboarding with ASAP was smooth because Zach was able to understand exactly what they were bringing to the table. With their expertise in LiveTrust and credibility in trust accounting, Zach felt at ease receiving guidance from ASAP. “They were very clear about what services I needed and it continues to evolve over time based on my individual needs. They listen to my input and adapt the service to fit my current needs.” Having ASAP meant that Zach could get the most out of LiveTrust and save time all at once. To him, that alone paid for the service.

The small expenses that get overlooked can equate to thousands of dollars over time. With their eyes on it, there are no mistakes.

Zach Zinn
Designated Broker & Head of Operations  |  VacayAZ 

Time IS Money

Having more eyes on the accounting added up to more money staying in house. “The small expenses that get overlooked can equate to thousands (of dollars) over time. With their eyes on it, there are no mistakes.” The added efficiency and accuracy meant money could be saved exponentially over time.

Eliminating costly mistakes – while freeing him up to invest more time and energy – provided Zach with a service that benefited the business from multiple angles. “My time is much better spent elsewhere on the things I am passionate about.” 

ASAP Vacation Rental Accounting
Mountain View, VacayAZ

Moving Forward

After working with ASAP, Zach realized there were benefits to outsourcing the accounting needs of VacayAZ which may not have been as apparent before. “Accounting isn’t fun and it’s easy to make mistakes. You write it off as part of being in the business but it doesn’t have to be that way.” Realizing that he didn’t have to go it alone allowed Zach to connect with a team of experts that could amplify his own strengths and provide him balance, time and peace of mind.

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