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Finding the Right Accounting Partner

When Amy Dourson started Red River Gorgeous, she knew what it took to provide customers with exceptional service. Where Amy lacked confidence was in her understanding of how to manage the accounting side of her business. Frustrated, Amy attended a LiveRez conference where she learned about ASAP. Her initial impression was how knowledgeable and approachable the ASAP team felt. Several months later, Amy started using LiveTrust, and knew quickly that she would need help understanding the ins and outs of the software. That’s where ASAP came back into her life.
ASAP Vacation Rental Accounting
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Phase 1: How An Approachable Process Made Onboarding A Breeze

When Amy started using LiveTrust to help her get a handle on her trust accounts she realized she was in a bit over her head. “I needed help setting up Live Trust…They provided expert knowledge that was accessible.” Amy said. With minimal background, it felt overwhelming just finding the right words to use and ASAP supported Amy through the process of learning trust accounts.

After working with Amy on figuring out which services would best fit her individual needs, ASAP started getting her up to speed. “The first two months of the process were all about learning and getting me up to where I could participate in the process. They knew how to explain and interpret the software in layman’s terms.” With more confidence in her role, Amy was able to collaborate with ASAP on straightening out her accounts.

Accounting felt like an appropriate portion of the business to outsource because it didn’t change the heart of the business. It just provided more time to do the important stuff.

Amy Dourson
Owner  |  Red River Gorgeous 

Phase 2: Problem Solving As A Cohesive Team

The next phase involved sorting out the details and problem solving. Throughout the process, Amy couldn’t help but feel supported. Knowing that she could follow up with a question anytime, put Amy’s mind at ease and made her feel like an integral part of the process.

Moreover, outsourcing the accounting logistics allowed her the freedom to focus on the business in ways that had more meaning to her. “Accounting felt like an appropriate portion of the business to outsource because it didn’t change the heart of the business. It just provided more time to do the important stuff.”

ASAP Vacation Rental Accounting
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Phase 3: Finding A Rhythm

With the initial onboarding and trouble shooting out of the way, Amy settled into a rhythm with her team at ASAP. As she felt more comfortable with her stride, Amy noticed how much it helped having a team that was so willing to empower her. “I didn’t want to be dependent on them for everything and having more knowledge of our monetary situation was greatly enhanced. I know exactly where the trust funds are and how to ask informed questions.” With a more informed stance, Amy was able to ask the questions she couldn’t articulate in her earlier days.

Reflecting on the Process

Looking back on her initial decision to outsource her accounting woes, Amy’s poignant advice to others in a similar position is to lose the fear of asking for help. “No matter how befuddled you are about the current state of your accounting, no one will judge you. ASAP will meet you where you are at and take the time to teach you. There’s no reason not to try.”

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